LANA Chair // Special Mention 2014

It´s not hard to tell where the inspiration for this chair came from: it is based on the legendary Acapulco Chair, a design classic that dates back to the 1950s. Whilst it is no longer possible to ascertain who invented it back then in the flamboyant jet set destination on the pacific coast of Mexico, one thing is certain: the chair is making a dazzling comeback right now - perhaps because it manages to combine simple elegance with an extraordinary degree of comfort. it is therefore hardly surprising that a designer with Mexican roots has turned her attention to the chair and, by giving it a seat of fulled wool rather than thin plastics cords, created a new interpretation that is more in line with the weather in our own northern climes. The hand-made seats is the result of a collaboration with a second designer who specialises in crocheting premium accessories and decorative interior items. Its soft, cosy and comfy appearance contrast flamboyantly with the filigree of powder-coated tubular steel.