Milena Romero, Product and Interior designer


Architekten bda: Fuchs, Wacker, Wohnbaustudio Planungsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. Bauträger KG, Private clients


2013 Milena Romero opened her own Studio.

2014-Today Freelance Innenarchitektur: Fuchs Wacker Architekten Germany.

2012 Innenarchitektur: Kurz Architekten Germany.

2010-2011 Produktdesign: Code2Design Germany.

2008-2010 Produktdesign: Insitum, Innovation and Strategic Consultancy Mexico City.

2006 - 2008 Innenarchitektur und Produktdesign: Esrawe Studio Mexico City.

2003 - 2005 Bühnenbild Design: Televisa, Broadcast Television Network Mexico City.

Milena Romero, I am a product and interior designer based in Germany since 2012. My background and knowledge as a product designer allow me to understand the space, scale, materials and user from a different angle. This way I can give to my clients exactly what they really need for their daily routine.

For me it is important to design individual and personalized interiors, because interiors are somehow like fashion. Clients should feel confortable and identified with the pieces they are wearing. When I have a new client, I normally visit them to get deeper insights about their life, I analyze which colors, materials and objects surround them and how they interact with their material world. The challenge is to identify every piece and then put every piece where they belong. I am constantly looking for design in different forms, different époques and in different countries to be able to interpret and combine those experiences and know how with the client world to complement their environment. 


  1. German Design Award Special 2016

  2. Special mention Focus Open 2014


2016 Designers open Leipzig

2016 Design Börse Berlin

2015 Month of Design Ljubljana

2015 DMY Berlin

2015 Blickfang Stuttgart

2014 Zona Brera, Design Week Milan

2013 Parallel, Design Week Mexico